Back up a Boat

Proving them Wrong: How to Back Up and Park a Boat Trailer for Gals

You pull up, sunglasses on, curls in tow. Wearing pink. You can feel the energy of the people at the boat ramp and their body language sag as you pull up. Well, you will prove them wrong. Many first time boaters (or borrowers) struggle backing the boat into the water, and it can be tricky if you have never done it before. My husband and I love to watch people crashing out of their boat with drunken sea legs or launching their boats at busy times. Hilarious at times, unplanned swims, submerged vehicles, and drunken fights ensue. It’s sometimes the best human outdoor entertainment you’ll see during your day out. We’ve seen submerged trucks, gotten stuck ourselves in sand, and even blown tires. Here’s the deal; the majority of people that actually put thought into what they were doing-had smooth launch and haul-out. They got all their gear ready to go, arrived, launched, and parked. So, prove them wrong and backing up and parking a trailer has never been easier since someone told me the hint to hold the steering wheel at the bottom. Line yourself up straight with where you are headed, and while looking back at the trailer, you simply move the steering wheel the direction you want to go in small movements. That’s it. Ideally, you can do it in all one motion, but usually people reorient themselves at least once or twice when backing up. So, don’t start sweating next time you have to re-align yourself to back up. Besides, it’s pretty cool you’re trying, and if you have trouble, a million men will be there to tell you how to do it best. Have someone watch and tell you when to stop so you don’t submerge your hubcaps. Before you park, check out the spot for glass, debris, and other obstructions. Same deal when backing into the spot. Hold the wheel at the bottom! Choose a spot that is out of the limelight for easy loading and unloading of gear without having to wait for traffic blocking you. Next time you are at the launch site and it’s deserted, volunteer for practice. People will be appreciative, and you’ll get the practice! Happy Boating.

Back Up a Boat Trailer!!!
Sara Forsythe, Coeur d’Alene Adventures