Fishing Missoula Montana

This week we went Fishing Missoula Montana and are reviewing Fish Creek. This fabulous watershed is clean, beautiful, and generally untouched by many anglers in our area. One of the reasons it is one of our favorites is it’s proximity to our rafting and fishing shop at the Cyr Recreation Area. It literally takes us about 15 minutes to get here.


Fish Creek State Park provides a large landscape State Park in western Montana with a diverse array of recreational opportunities such as hiking, mountain biking, angling, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, motorized use on open roads, and hunting. From the lookout atop Williams Peak to the crystal clear blue pools of Fish Creek, this 5,603-acre state park is full of wildlife, beautiful scenery and places to explore.

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One great thing about wade fishing Fish Creek is that it isn’t polluted, or is not slippery. The oldest pine tree in Montana is located here and the shorelines are wide to walk on so you are not ruining the etymology of the river: bugs, animals, and food for fish and other animals. Also, the ease of access allows you to take a little person with you (seen here). Fishing Missoula Montana is amazing. Don’t miss Fish Creek and remember to pack in and pack out because although we are sharing our favorite spot with you, we don’t want you to leave your trace.

How to get there:

Off I90 take Fish Creek Exit 66. Right on Lower Fish Creek Road. Left on Rivulet Rd (FS 343).

Fish Creek will be on your right all the way 10 miles to the top. At mile marker 4.4 Big Pine Fishing Access has 4 established campsites. All the others require rugged life.

Enjoy the tip and Fishing Missoula Montana!!!