Spring 2020 River Shop Remodel in Progress

We set aside some money last year to remodel our little river shop. We decided to look coronavirus in the face and do it anyway!!! Adventure Missoula’s river shop now has three buildings (mostly built in 2019), but they were skin and bones and staff and owners knew we could make it dynamite with some creativity, a thousand bucks, and some hard work.

Here is what has happened this spring with more to come through the summer depending on how busy with customers and our ability to social distance with COVID19.

Check out the video featuring our new rooftop garden! We worked hard last year, and refined it further. We’ll post updates on our facebook and instagram feeds for you to enjoy @adventuremissoula.

We built a place for our staff to stay overnight when they do back to back trips. Some of our staff get up at 6am for fishing trips, rig their gear, greet guests, spend 8 hours on the water, and then unpack, clean dishes, repack, and by then it’s 11pm. We love them and want them to have a painted room with soft beds and a beautiful office to check in and utilize. More to come on this project, but the beds are in as is the paint and office=we promise it will be pinterest worthy by July.

We’ve been leveling our property, created a fire pit for staff and guests, thinned trees, burned our slash piles, and gave the kitchen a make over. Lots in progress….more pictures and updates to come on this fabulous river shop remodel! Owner Sara Forsythe said: “I can’t crawl into a hole and cry, some days I do….but I have to wake up everyday to know the future will be bright again someday and I need to know that I gave it my all.”

Trevor Smith, fishing guide and whitewater guide is excited to head to Colorado for a month, to work on an elk calf capture project so he stopped in to help out Jared hang drywall with their masks on. His research will help biologists monitor declining elk populations and track survival of newborn calves. Afterwards, he’s looking forward to getting back to Montana and enjoying some of our state’s best whitewater and fishing with the Adventure Missoula crew!

In case anyone is curious, the youngest of our crew, Andrew, painted every board for the bedrooms and helped screw them together. He also refined his Lemonade stand and Cyr Recreation Area River Put In Shoppe to greet customers and river recreators with a shiny new paint job “when the people come.” He’ll have cookies, drinks, water fill ups, and more. Stay healthy and we love and miss you all.