Coronavirus Update from Adventure Missoula

We are incredibly proud of the way our co-workers and our clients have turned a very difficult period during the coronavirus pandemic into a demonstration of our resilience and togetherness.  Let’s keep at it.  

Adventure Missoula has always offered and will continue to offer private rafting, fishing, and horseback riding. Our focus has not changed in the pandemic, but the experience has simply highlighted our dedication to this.

Our COVID19 Information page is updated as needed as we monitor the ever-changing Coronavirus situation as well as the Missoula County website.

These are challenging days for many in the world. We ask that you please consider supporting Adventure Missoula, and the vulnerable tourism industry, by rescheduling your trip rather than cancelling. Your support helps not only our team in the Missoula area and our families, but our partners around the Northwest area, including the Missoula Valley and communities where we operate. We are so grateful to our loyal community of travelers who are telling us that they still want to travel – just not right now. When you are ready to join us again in a new era of travel, we are here for you. There will, of course, be changes in how we operate. Please view them on our information page. but our mission of Providing Good Times, with a Sense of Responsibility continues to motivate us and we remain as committed as ever to sharing this marvelous area of the world intimate, authentic, and private trips and excursions.

A short note from the Forsythe Family:

We know that we are not alone in our struggles, and we appreciate everyone that has reached out to us during this time. We want to express our gratitude to all the health care workers and those who provided essential services who continue to provide the services we all need. Thank you.

For 44years Adventure Missoula and our sister company, CDA Adventures, have been sharing the joy of meaningful, life-enriching outdoor experiences. We’ve been through a number of difficult times, but like most people, have never experienced anything that has impacted so many people in so many ways, all around the globe.

We want to reassure you that our first priority is the health and wellbeing of our guests, our employees and our greater travel community. We are in constant contact with our local agencies, guides, and staff to keep current of changes as they occur. 

As a family owned and operated company, we are doing our best to make sound decisions that are fair, and in the best interest of everyone given coronavirus. We thank you for navigating these difficult times with us. Thank you for valuing outdoor experiences and the positive changes it provides the world.

– Jared and Sara Forsythe, Owners

By discovering nature, you discover yourself.

Maxime Lagacé