Montana Rafting Summer

Montana rafting summer 2016 started last month, the reservations started in February for this upcoming Montana rafting summer.  The picture below was taken of Triple bridges a few weeks ago.

Triple Bridge Rapids, Montana Summer rafting We are really excited about the up coming white water rafting season for a couple of reasons.  The snow pack is healthy this year at 92%.  Last year the snow pack was really low, but we still had a great year.  That is the great thing about the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River. No matter how low the water, there are always Montana rafting in the summer!!  Below is a picture of snow on the Montana and Idaho border, lots of snow with two more months to add to the snowpack!

Montana snowpack looking good!

We are also excited about our guide line up.  Austin Crisp is returning.  He has guided for Western Waters for four years.  Also guides on the Grand Canyon during the spring season.  He is full of experience and fun, we call him Captain America!


Missoula White Water Rafting

2016 rafting is here!  Bookings for this upcoming Missoula 2016  White Water Rafting season started this month!  Here is what we are excited about for the upcoming season!

1.  Austin is returning

2.  The snow pack is healthy! Check it out

3.  The fishing season is shaping up for a good season due to the average snowpack.  Last year we had low/warm water and lots of smoke in the Missoula area, it can only get better.  Ask us about our Missoula white water rafting fishing trip.  The COMBO TRIP!!

Sara Forsythe, owner of Wester Waters is shown in the above video rowing down the Clark Fork River on the Alberton Gorge.  Our white water rafting headquarters is located 30 mins. outside of Missoula, Montana.  Our shop is located right at the launch for the rafting trip!  This saves you time by driving directly to our shop, meeting your rafting guide, sizing up your PFD (life jacket) and river safety talk.  The Missoula White Water Rafting trip is 10.5 miles long, 15 rapids, 5 that splash your from head to toes and gorgeous scenery.  This Trip has Missoula White Water Rafting written all over it!   Let go rafting!!

Missoula White Water Rafting at it’s best with Western Waters!

Rafting CDA

Rafting CDA has never been more exciting.

This year, CDA Adventures dropped our trips on the Spokane River because we felt it was too urban and our customers wanted more wilderness in their life. So, Spokane River will always be our personal and local ‘urban stretch’ but rafting cda just got better!

We are now offering a scenic trip on the COEUR D’ALENE RIVER working with outfitter Joe Roope of Castaway Fly Shop of CDA. We are the only ones who will be booking this trip so you can be assured that your wilderness experience and serenity you seek can be yours.

Coeur d’Alene Half Day River Float (We meet in town, 20 min drive, April-Nov.)  

*CDA Adventures FEATURE TRIP We are the only ones who offer this trip

Scenic Coeur d’Alene River Float.

This is a great way to spend half the day in the Coeur d’Alene/Spokane area.  This is a nice river float down the Lower Coeur d’Alene River! Great for all ages and abilities!  Nervous about younger children on the boats? This is your float trip! You get out on the water without any stress. Picture a lazy river, warm breezes and a total release of all your cares! This is a great day on Coeur d’Alene River. Guests view birds, moose, and has North Idaho written all over it. This is a peaceful section of river with gentle flows that run all summer long. Jump in to swim! This is a crystal clear spring fed water that houses Cutthroat year round and Chinook Salmon in the fall.

Price: Adults-$59 Youth(4-17)-$54  

Scenic Montana Float (1 1/2 hour drive, April-Nov.) (If you are driving over the border either direction there is a time change)

Coeur d'Alene scenic float adventuresThis is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy the Clark Fork River, especially families with small children or seniors. The Tarkio Canyon is a mild stretch of water providing a relaxing float of the Clark Fork. Relax and kick back while soaking up the scenery. Your experienced, friendly guide will share the colorful heritage of our early settlements, mining claims and the history of the river. See More Details Here!

Price: Adults-$46 Youth(1-17)-$36  

Full Day Raft Trips include the best lunch on the river. We are known for our lunches and offerings.
Check out this year’s lunch here: CDA Adventures River Lunch (Full Day Raft Trips Only)

Rafting Missoula

Adventures with Western Waters is the original outfitter of whitewater rafting through the famed Alberton Gorge. Our experienced staff will provide a fun and safe experience for people of all ages! Rafting the Clark Fork is considered to be the best whitewater rafting in the state. 

We offer the following whitewater river trips:

Alberton Gorge Full Day Whitewater Rafting River Trip

Alberton Gorge Full Day Raft Trip (25 min. Missoula. 2 hour drive CDA, April-Oct.) (If you are driving over the border either direction there is a time change)

White Water Rafting Alberton Gorge

This 12 mile river trip provides 15 rapids and breath taking scenery down the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River. The trip starts at 10AM and wraps up around 4PM. Locally sourced, homemade lunch featuring fresh garden grown produce is provided. A great one day river adventure! See more details

Price: Adults-$85 Ages 6 to 17 – $79


Alberton Gorge Half Day Whitewater Rafting River Trip

Alberton Gorge Half Day Raft Trip (25 min. Missoula, 2 hour drive CDA, April-Oct.) (If you are driving over the border either direction there is a time change)

Alberton Gorge RaftingThis 12 mile river trip provides 15 rapids and breath taking scenery down the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River. The trips start at 9AM, 1pm and 4PM. A great three hour river adventure! See more details

Price: Adults-$57 Ages 6 to 17 – $50


Lochsa Full Day Raft Trip (2 hour Missoula. 3 hour drive CDA, April-July 1st.) (If you are driving over the border either direction there is a time change)

 lochs river raftingThe Lochsa is truly one of the best rivers in the world for adrenaline soaked adventure in the midst of amazing natural beauty.  The Lochsa is a free-flowing, wild and scenic river that bounces down a steep granite canyon. The river is surrounded by a lush forest and beds of dense moss. With close to 40 rapids in our 20-mile “day run”, many of them class IV, every trip down the river is an exciting challenge.  All rafters must be at least 16 years old.
Price: Adults-$105 

If you are en route to Glacier National Park, take a break with Western Waters and join us for a raft trip!

We are the best in Rafting Missoula.

Back up a Boat

Proving them Wrong: How to Back Up and Park a Boat Trailer for Gals

You pull up, sunglasses on, curls in tow. Wearing pink. You can feel the energy of the people at the boat ramp and their body language sag as you pull up. Well, you will prove them wrong. Many first time boaters (or borrowers) struggle backing the boat into the water, and it can be tricky if you have never done it before. My husband and I love to watch people crashing out of their boat with drunken sea legs or launching their boats at busy times. Hilarious at times, unplanned swims, submerged vehicles, and drunken fights ensue. It’s sometimes the best human outdoor entertainment you’ll see during your day out. We’ve seen submerged trucks, gotten stuck ourselves in sand, and even blown tires. Here’s the deal; the majority of people that actually put thought into what they were doing-had smooth launch and haul-out. They got all their gear ready to go, arrived, launched, and parked. So, prove them wrong and backing up and parking a trailer has never been easier since someone told me the hint to hold the steering wheel at the bottom. Line yourself up straight with where you are headed, and while looking back at the trailer, you simply move the steering wheel the direction you want to go in small movements. That’s it. Ideally, you can do it in all one motion, but usually people reorient themselves at least once or twice when backing up. So, don’t start sweating next time you have to re-align yourself to back up. Besides, it’s pretty cool you’re trying, and if you have trouble, a million men will be there to tell you how to do it best. Have someone watch and tell you when to stop so you don’t submerge your hubcaps. Before you park, check out the spot for glass, debris, and other obstructions. Same deal when backing into the spot. Hold the wheel at the bottom! Choose a spot that is out of the limelight for easy loading and unloading of gear without having to wait for traffic blocking you. Next time you are at the launch site and it’s deserted, volunteer for practice. People will be appreciative, and you’ll get the practice! Happy Boating.

Back Up a Boat Trailer!!!
Sara Forsythe, Coeur d’Alene Adventures