Blackfoot River Trips

We offer 4 Blackfoot River Trips

Full or Half Day Fishing (April through October, weather and water levels permitting)

Full or Half Day Rafting (April, May, June – weather and water levels permitting )

A famous river: The Blackfoot River is a snow and spring-fed river in Western Montana just outside Missoula. The Blackfoot River is a fast, cold river with many deep spots, making it prime habitat for several varieties of trout. It is one of the most famous stretches of water in the world and was featured in the 1992 film a River Runs Through It by Robert Redford.

Fishing the Blackfoot River

Fishing: We usually fish the upper stretch. The lower stretch is frequented by tubers and Missoula outdoor recreation enthusiasts during July and August and we recommend getting to know this river by guide if you want to relax and raft or fish it’s beautiful spots on a boat away from people and the service road which allows us all to access it. Wade fishing the Blackfoot does not do it justice. Depending on conditions and water flows, we have three different stretches to fish on the Blackfoot River. It can be done by either drift boat or raft. Water levels often determine location and boat style. Each stretch offers a diversity of terrain and water that your guide will ensure is a successful and wonderful experience Mid March through October.

What’s Included: All fishing trips include private guide, fishing gear; this includes flies, rods, poles, tackle, and waders depending on guide and trip choice. We pack life jackets, soft drinks, water, mid day riverside lunch (for full day trips), boat or raft depending on river section, and transportation can be arranged in advance for pick up. Our trips combine fishing from boat and shore (as desired). We have room for one to two people. During the booking process, some trips allow a 3rd boat rider (youth or non fishing participant). We provide wetsuits and water shoes for whitewater fishing trips as needed for comfort (April/May/October).

What to Bring: Pack sunglasses, a hat/visor, quick dry clothing, strapped sandals or water shoes, Montana fishing licenses, sunscreen, sunwear, layered clothing for spring and fall

Full Day Blackfoot Fishing Trip $585 1-2 Anglers, Lunch Included

Half Day Blackfoot Fishing Trip $485 1-2 Anglers

Rafting the Blackfoot River

Rafting: Because the Blackfoot is smaller by volume than the majestic Clark Fork, we end up rafting the Blackfoot River in April, May, and June. We take groups of four our more rafting (single rafters or couples can be combined with others) for a full or half day when the Clark Fork water level is too high and the Blackfoot is at it’s peak of beauty. It is a gorgeous option in the Missoula area.

A locally sourced, homemade lunch featuring fresh garden grown produce is provided on the full day trips. Trips include all gear, swimming as weather permits, lunch break for the full days, and general wildlife viewing. This is a great trip for a family adventure for about five hours for the full day plus a half hour of travel to the Blackfoot corridor from town and back pre and post trip. It features Class I and II rapids (in May it features a Class III rapid) and scenic views. Half day runs about three hours with the hour total of travel time making it a four hour experience.

All trips include: Life Jackets (pfd’s), wet suits if needed for comfort, splash jackets, water shoes, guide, boat, paddles, shuttle/transportation (arrange in advance), water, lunch (full days only).

Full Day Blackfoot Rafting Trip $105 Adult $95 Youth, Lunch included

Half Day Blackfoot Rafting Trip $85 Adult $75 Youth

Angler traveling to Missoula? You are in a world class fishery. If you enjoy rivers, moving water, and are interested in fishing at all…. you should consider fishing two days. 

Two Day Missoula Angler Adventure (April – October.) Clark Fork and choice of Blackfoot or Bitterroot River Price: $1070 for 1 to 2 anglers

The largest river by volume in Montana, the Clark Fork River (West of Missoula) drains an extensive region of the Rocky Mountains in western Montana and Northern Idaho. It is gorgeous, huge, and our favorite river by far. 

The Blackfoot River (East of Missoula) is a fast, cold river with many deep spots, making it prime habitat for several varieties of trout. It is one of the most famous stretches of water in the world and was featured in A River Runs Through It.

The Bitterroot River (South of Missoula) is gorgeous with it’s views and an amazing fishery with views of the Bitterroot Mountains on it’s west side.

The Blackfoot is a special river. Take a Blackfoot River Trip Adventure with us and perhaps a private guide all to your own allowing you to take in all the information on the Missoula Valley and experience our stories and river knowledge from our expert guides. See More Details!