Lavender U-Pick Farm Visit

Our field was meant to be shared with others. Come experience a Lavender U-Pick farm visit! Harvest lavender at our small farm in beautiful Frenchtown, Montana – 20 minutes from Missoula.

Visiting Forsythe Farms is a low-key, authentic, lavender U-Pick farm, hands on agritourism, and educational experience for visitors to Western Montana. We’re able to get you a direct sale, teach you a few interesting tidbits, and showcase some good old fashioned Montana hospitality. Sitting in a field is comfortable on our black smooth tarp and it incorporates a different kind of outdoor recreation and unique natural entertainment that is different from our rafting and fishing trips with Adventure Missoula! Add it to your schedule of vacation activities.

Harvesting your own lavender can be a euphoric and enriching activity to participate in. Visiting Forsythe Farms is a niche unique experience. You’ll meet a few local farm hands or the owner, spend some time in the Frenchtown Valley, and experience the environment, which is located in a neighborhood rural ranchland community. This specialty behind the scenes experience is low key, relaxing, and allows participants to interact with and pick lavender during their visit to Forsythe Farms. We hope it relieves you from stress and gives you a chance to experience a simpler moment on a vacation, spending an hour or so with us in our field for your U-Pick farm visit!

The small 200 lavender plant farm is easy to find, located 20 minutes from Missoula in Frenchtown, Montana, and 15 minutes from our raft and fishing shop. Bring a friend, family member, or the kids, and we’ll teach you how to cut and take bouquets and buckets full home with you!

Forsythe Farms is not a French lavender countryside bread for pressing oil in a large manufacturing facility. It is a sweet, small, working experimental, mostly English, lavender farm owned by a local family that offers you to join them as they harvest lavender in the evenings or mornings and take that interactive experience with you. Behind our small lavender farm is a beautiful scenic view of the mountains and participants often see hawks, eagles, Canada goose, sandhill cranes, and a variety of bird species. Other encounters include: deer, preying mantis, a multitude of species of bees, and the occasional ground squirrel.

Summer Schedule:

July – September

Thursday Evenings 6-8pm

Sunday Mornings 8-10am

Preregistration Required, no drop in services available

Cost: $20 registration per person + bouquets. First 2″ bouquet is free with your U-Pick farm visit registration. Registrations are non refundable.

Payment for bouquets are due at checkout and will be added to the same card used for registration. Please read below about what to bring and farm etiquette prior to attending. U-Pick farm visit participants pay $15 for each 2″ thick bouquet/bundle cut, $5 off our $20 retail.

Please contact us to inquire about private U-Pick farm sessions. This is popular for photo shoots, wedding activities, and special occasions. Forsythe Farms: 406-546-9480 or

What to Bring

  • Any sized bucket, mason jar, or other vessel to transfer your lavender into. It will keep them fresh and hydrated for the journey home.
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated. We do have some bottled water for purchase on site.
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Jacket in spring and fall
  • Wear Sunscreen, comfortable shoes or sandals.
  • Garden gloves are suggested as some people can react to the lavender and it might cause a slight rash when harvested.
  • Scissors. We will have a handful at the farm, but if you can bring your own that would be great!

What We Provide

Scissors. Instruction. Peace. Information. Lavender to cut and take home with you. Lavender wrapping. Rubber bands. Prepackaged lavender products for purchase. Information sheet on what you can do with your lavender after you leave!

U-Pick Farm Visit Etiquette

  • Please respect this space as it is also our home and a working landscape!
  • Drive slowly and look-out for fellow neighbors, animals, and children on your drive in.
  • Please only cut and explore our lavender field. Ask for guidance upon arrival.
  • Please leave your furry friends at home.
  • No smoking, marijuana, or alcohol permitted
  • Bees and pollinators are in full force. Usually, they don’t cause any problems, but be aware when cutting flowers to not accidentally grab a bumble bee. We’ll show you.
  • Uneven ground! Please wear appropriate shoes… and sun protective clothing too.
  • Some plants and flowers can be toxic to children if consumed. Please be observant of small children.
  • We do not have a public bathroom at this time. Please plan accordingly!

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