Lead Rafting Guide Job


Lead Rafting Guide Job Information

May – September Annually

June, July, August – full time 5 or 6 days a week

May, September – part time, weekends

Apply by April 1st

1 position available seasonally

*usually internal hire from company unless relocating with experience

Work Site: Rafting and Fishing Headquarters, 39 Juniper Lane Alberton MT 59820 

(35 min west off Missoula) 


Main guide contact for all rafting guides, direct supervisor

Responsible for smooth execution of customer trips

Maintains a clean and organized raft shop and check in center

Works closely with Business Office Manager to plan next days trips/guide schedules

Open up routine making the property and customer areas clean and presentable, ready for operation each day

Schedules shuttles and reorganized as needed to accommodate last minute trips

Redirects and corrects guide staff, teaching correct etiquette

Documents rafting staff performance and reports to owners

Documents CFS River Log

Carries out closing routine, making sure vans are cleared out, wiped down, clean on the outside and inside, locked at the end of the day and all keys are back in their homes. Coolers cleaned out and cold packs are in freezers

Oversees recycling program

Responsible for garbages/debris  in Surfer Steve Bus and in the Rafting Shop

In Charge of Presenting the Golden Paddle Award Every two weeks

Counting Food for Orders and Working with Office Lead to make sure that the order is adequate for anticipated next two weeks of trips 

Oversees food preparation in safe and clean bus

Builds strong company community through Sunday Dinner, penalty, and award systems for guide staff

Repairs gear, boats, and maintains order 

Reports incidents to owners

Desired Candidates

Optional: Bachelors in Outdoor Recreation Management

2 Years experience at Adventure Missoula or other location

Housing Available on site

Rafting trips, flexible outdoor schedule 

2+ Years Experience with whitewater rafting a must

Flexible schedule on shoulder season

Summer months: full time

Must include resume and three references with cover letter and email to: adventuremissoula@gmail.com

Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record

Must have a cell phone and basic computer skills

Some knowledge about area fishing, river, basics of white water and river safety, outdoor activities, etc.

Freedom for professional growth as opportunities arise 

Motivated by happiness in the outdoors

Tech savvy

Forward thinking and creative

Highly dependable and excellent communication skills

Willing to do what is physically and mentally asked of you

Personally healthy to supervise young energetic staff 

Team/group motivated, inclusive

Takes responsibilities for mistakes

Honest and genuine with customer service

Strong work/life balance, Inspirational and positive attitude to oversee staff

Schedule and Pay: Lead Rafting Guide Job

Schedule and pay is flexible for a graduate student or for someone who may have other seasonal outdoor management employment in the six month off season.


Summer: On Call, 5 days a week

Spring/Fall: On Demand

Ability to grow and fill full or part time niches in the company as it adjusts with it’s talent/personnel  and move between roles.