Missoula Activities and Information

Searching for Missoula Montana things to do? See below some excellent links to help you plan your vacation in Missoula and Western Montana.

Suggested Itineraries Check out these great ideas for wonderful Missoula Montana things to do, see, and experience for families, romantic getaways, and outings to our surrounding valleys.

Here is our staff list on the best things to do in Missoula.

Outdoor Recreation Adventure Missoula offers fishing, rafting, family floats, inflatable kayak tours, and horseback riding in the Missoula area.

Farmers Markets Award winning Farmer and Artisan Markets are located here in Western Montana. There are 9 in the area with Missoula’s downtown market hosted every Saturday May through October. Not just an incredible social event, the market boasts three stops along the downtown corridor with an artisan people’s market in the middle. We even have a winter market!

Breweries Montana ranked 2nd in the nation for breweries per capita. Craft beer is Missoula’s specialty with 13 in town.

Wineries There are 8 wineries in Montana and 1 in Missoula (Ten Spoon); most produce from fruits grown locally or create blends from surrounding states.

Missoula Restaurants Top Hat, Biga Pizza, Scotty’s Table, Plonk, Sa Wad Dee, Big Dipper, and The Depot are usually at the top of Missoula’s signature restaurants. There are many for you foodies out there.

Events and Music Top spots to hear world class music is at the kettlehouse Amphitheater, the historic Wilma, Top Hat, and Big Sky Brewery. Missoula features free live music in Caras Park on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Hiking Trips The views are stunning here and after an excellent breakfast, hiking is a must Missoula thing to do. If you just want a quick few hours to stretch your legs we have seven local hikes.

Waterfall Hikes Glacier National Park will be your go-to for an endless day of waterfalls, however Morrell Falls and Holland Falls are great local options.

Wellness/Spa Quinns (out by Adventure Missoula and on the way to Glacier) and Cedar Creek as well as Float Missoula are excellent options.

Winter Activities Cross country skiing is incredibly popular. We have seven locations for downhill skiing. Once the show hits, snowshoeing on our hiking trails is unbeatable. Western MT has five major locations to snowmobile.

Biking Missoula is a bicycle friendly community and driving around town you will need to watch out for them in the bike lane. Adventure Cycling Association is headquarters here and worth your stop if you are a biking enthusiast. The Hiawatha Trail is excellent for all ages and pictured above. It’s located at the Idaho/MT border and is a must do.

Shopping Downtown shopping is located along Higgins and its side streets. It is divided by the river; some great places on both sides. This is where you will find excellent restaurants, local shops, and wonderful coffee.

Missoula Montana has some amazing things to do. Hope you enjoy it here!