Missoula Fly Fishing Deal – Missoula Angler Package

The Missoula Angler Package is two full days of guided fishing on the majestic Clark Fork River and the legendary Blackfoot River with Adventure Missoula. If you have the time, to experience both is unforgettable. Discounted package rate is for two days and priced for one to two anglers (savings: $100). Adventure Missoula has fishing guides trained for whitewater fly fishing, spin fishing, families, and expert fly fishermen. There is a questionnaire and checkout to help us navigate placing your guide and stretches of river for your two separate day adventures with us. Need to plan your accommodations? Check out these hotels and camping ideas when you enjoy your Missoula fly fishing deal and two day angler package.

What’s Included: This 2 Day Angler Adventure includes pricing for two days of fishing trips. This includes your private guide for one to two people, fishing gear; this includes flies, rods, poles, tackle, and waders depending on guide and trip choice. We pack life jackets, soft drinks, water, mid day riverside lunch, boat or raft depending on river section, and transportation can be arranged in advance for pick up. Our trips combine fishing from boat and shore (as desired). We have room for one to two people to fish hard. During the booking process, some trips allow a 3rd boat rider (youth or non fishing participant). If you decide to add a third participant for this two day angler adventure, the cost is $150 extra. We provide wetsuits and water shoes for whitewater fishing trips as needed for comfort. One of your days you can elect to do the whitewater stretches!

What to Bring: Pack sunglasses, a hat/visor, quick dry clothing, strapped sandals or water shoes, Montana fishing licenses, cash for guide tip, sunscreen, sunwear, layered clothing for spring and fall, and a swimsuit if you’d like to take a dip to cool off.

Typically for this Two Day Angler Adventure, we fish one day on the Blackfoot River and one day on the Clark Fork River. One of these days you may choose to do the whitewater fishing section that features deep pools, large trout, and pike.

The Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot River is one of the finest rivers in Montana. Adventure Missoula rafts and fishes the beautiful Blackfoot. Exceptional scenery, classic trout water habitat, and a wide variety in the river all combine to make a fly fishing or recreational floating trip on the Blackfoot River a memorable one. The Blackfoot River is chock full of Montana history and native trout, which makes it one of our favorite rivers to fish. This river is the quintessential part of our Missoula fly fishing deal.

The Blackfoot River was one of the forgotten rivers by visiting anglers in Montana prior to the release of the popular movie of A River Runs Through It in 1992. Following the release of the movie and the placement of the Blackfoot River on the ten-most endangered rivers due to the potential threat of a large mine at the time (the mine never got full approval due to a state wide initiative that killed the practice of cyanide gold mining), the Blackfoot rose from obscurity to national prominence almost overnight.

The Blackfoot River does see its share of use! Although a good portion is on the weekends by either local fisherman or recreational floaters from the Missoula area, arriving prior to others, or on the river during mid-week or before Memorial Day or after Labor Day usually finds the river relatively empty, providing for a more pleasant fishing environment. The river is scenic and diverse. Excellent fly fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout is found throughout most of its length in a very nice, relaxing setting.

The Blackfoot River has both very good access and is quite long (130 miles), helping to spread the use around and to keep the fly fishing pressure down to manageable levels. Any angler who has the time and plans on fly fishing in our Western Montana area cannot miss this snow and spring fed river!

The Clark Fork River

The Clark Fork River is the largest river by volume in the state of Montana. Because of it’s girth and power, it holds large fish and is best done by boat. The Clark Fork is one of the longest rivers in Montana, stretching more than 300 miles from its rise as Silver Bow Creek in Southwest Montana to the Idaho border. For its entire length in Montana, Interstate 90 roughly parallels the river, making it’s access for fishing remarkable. The Clark Fork and its tributaries are among the most popular destinations for fly fishing in the United States. We whitewater fish (having both permits) the legendary Alberton Gorge whitewater stretch 30 minutes west of Missoula. This trip is a world class bucket list designation and features pike and trout fishing. The Clark Fork is a river we call home with our headquarters a short walk down to the water; an essential river for our two day Missoula fly fishing deal.

The Clark Fork is a beautiful watershed that has been undergoing restoration and protections for decades. It holds every kind of habitat a fly fisherman could want. We fish through Lolo National Forest through whitewater, pools, runs, riffles, brushy banks, grassy banks, forested banks, fast current, slow current and much else await an angler visiting the Clark Fork. The river holds huge Cutthroat, Browns, and Rainbows, as well as Cuttbows and Northern Pike.

Check out our other fishing trips. If you are just learning, our Learn to Fish trip is worth every penny with educators as your guides you are sure to put together what you already know and can do to become a completely independent angler after an outing with our guides.

Two Day Angler Adventure $1070 for 1 to 2 anglers