Montana swift water rescue course class

Montana swift water rescue course class

swiftwater rescue course

Swiftwater Safety Institute

Montana swift water rescue course class Training for River Professionals 2015

Session I: April 24th, 25 and 26th! 8-5pm 3 days/24hr (3 year certification)

Session II: Fall 2015 TBA – Please get on our list and we can schedule preference dates for this fall.

Price per class: $325

Make checks payable to Adventures with Western
Waters and send to 1724 E. Young ave – Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814.

Course Location:
Cyr, Montana (a little west on I-90 from Missoula or 90 minutes from Coeur d ‘Alene), 232 Diagle Lane

Lead Instructor:
Trevor Fulton

Meeting Place: 232 Diagle lane, Alberton, Montana 59802

Course Times: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Course Description: 3-day, 24hr. 3-year certification

This course teaches rescue techniques with regard to limited resources in a wilderness setting. This three
day-24hr. course meets the needs of professional river guides as well as USFS and BLM employees.
Recreational river runners or anyone finding themselves working on or near moving water will gain
valuable techniques in dealing with water hazards and emergencies. This intensive 24 hour class generally
has two to three hours of on-land instruction each morning prior to entering the water. Course focus is on
wilderness-based rescues with limited rescue resources, personnel and communication. This course is
designed to meet varying student skill levels.

Self rescue and hazard avoidance and recognition are key components in this swift water course. We teach technical rope systems, and then systematically remove hardware to increase the demand on the student to problem solve with limited gear and resources. These Missoula swift water rescue and guide classes will be offered on back to back weekends.

Recommended Gear List

To Register:
Contact Jared at Western Waters– 406-822-8282

Or Book on-line

Guide course $170

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Ages 16+