Rocky Mountain Snow pack around Missoula, Montana

Winter Snow pack= good rafting/ fly fishing
Upper Dry Creek Drainage

Why would we, a rafting company, be concerned with Rocky Mountain snow pack around Missoula Montana? Well, the more snow we get in the winter, the more water we get in the summer! The white water rafting around Missoula, Montana and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho maintain a good water flow later into the summer. Fly Fishing sustains itself longer into the season, with cooler water temps and more water flow. This is important for guided fly fishing trips, healthier fish = more action. So, as the winter progresses keep your fingers crossed for a hearty snow pack.

Can you name the Western Waters rafting guide in the skiing picture?

Alberton Gorge Fishing Adventure

If you always wanted to do whitewater but worried about all the fishing possibilities you would be missing the Gorge is for you. Here is what you need to know about the Alberton Gorge Fishing Adventure out of Missoula, MT.

Adventure Missoula takes really big rafts with center oared fishing frames and highly experienced guides, and head out fishing before the whitewater rafters get started. Adventure Missoula is one of the few that have a permit allowing us to guide the Gorge. After each big rapid we hook back into the holding water where you can work streamers nymphs and even dries during a hatch for some really big fish.

Our customers frequently say the Gorge trip is the most “exciting” day they have ever had on a fishing trip. The bigger fish in the river hold up in these pools at the bottom of the rapids so you never really know what to expect including some we never get to see because of our light fly fishing tackle limitations. You will have to wear a high flotation vest through five of the biggest rapids and all the gear gets put away for Tripple Bridges, Tumbleweed and Fang rapids but you can cast away on everything else!

Fishing Reservations

Our fishing guides, because of their expertise and knowledge are often booked out about one or two weeks ahead of time. During July (our most requested time of year) it may be even busier. We service the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and Coeur d’Alene River watersheds. Definitely give us a call and tell us your schedule so we can fit you into our ‘slots’ with our guides. This means getting all your information such as: who is fishing, level of experience, fly fishing or spin fishing? and desired experience. Then, we leave messages with our guides and will get a call back when they get off the water to schedule! 

We offer 5 styles of guided fishing trips for either fly fishing or spin fishing our rivers.

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Home to the famous Skawala hatch


Bitterroot RiverThe Bitterroot River got its name from the flowering plant along its banks. The Bitterroot River is a handsome stream running over 80 miles from Idaho Northerly down the Bitterroot valley. Home to the famous Skawala hatch, the Bitterroot holds numerous Browns, Rainbow, and Cutthroat. Skawala in the native Indian language means “place of the beaver” which is very evident by the numerous downed cottonwood trees. These trees provide holding structure for the fish of the Bitterroot, and a casting challenge to the fly fisher. The Bitterroot is best known for its wading opportunity. Expect numerous gravel bars and drop offs that can be fished from the boat, or wade fished from islands and banks. The “root” while a bigger drive from our shop is a memorable trip for those seeking the adventure .

Blackfoot River – Legendary Wild Trout Population

Blackfoot RiverThe Blackfoot River is one of incredible scenery and a legendary wild trout population. Sometimes it can be hard to watch your fly while drifting through these rugged steep canyons. This boulder strewn river is best guided and fished from a raft due to the numerous rocks and riffles. For the accurate fly caster, the Blackfoot River offers a fun day of throwing dry flies behind rocks and targeting holding water for the numerous trout of the wild river. From the clearwater bridge, to the town of Bonner, the Blackfoot River offers 30 miles of very beautiful canyon fishing. All of this less than just one hour from our shop in Superior. While the Rainbow and Cutthroat dominate this fishery, the occasional Brook and Brown can be found. A must do on most bucket lists.

Clarkfork River – Adventure Missoula’s Home River


The Clark Fork River is Adventure Missoula’s home river and we are constantly fishing the numerous stretches of this big river. The Clarkfork River starts in Anaconda and flows over 120 miles Dam free until it meets up with the Flathead River. Adventure Missoula’s guides, Jared and Steve, know this river and the numerous moods of the Clark Fork. Depending on wind, weather, and your time requirements our guides will recommend the perfect trip for your day.

The river has some protected stretches that allow us to fish even during windy days. The Clarkfork River is ideal if one of the fisherman is a beginner, as the guide can concentrate on helping without dodging rocks and navigating tricky currents. Not to be underestimated, the lower Clarkfork has some technical water with a few rapids that will challenge even the best caster.

Western Water’s fishes this river strictly from our drift boats and the entire day is spent casting to banks and working the riffles. During the numerous hatches we will seek out holding pools where fish are rising to dry flies. While spring has the Skawalas the summer is home to cadis and grasshoppers. If you are used to the Madison , Snake  or the San Juan You are in for a real treat here in Western Montana as we usually have the Clarkfork River to our self.

The Clark Fork trips meet at our shop and will have you back in Superior once the fish quit rising, or it is to dark to get the boat on the trailer.

Clark Fork River