Adventure Missoula Night

Unwrap adventure with Adventure Missoula Night! Celebrate with Highlander Beer and Adventure Missoula as we kick off the summer season June 18th with Live Music, and a rafting trip giveaway. Buy a drink and get a free raffle ticket for a four person whitewater trip!
Free Admission for all ages for this event. Pizza available for purchase!
Guests purchasing a rafting trip, receive a free beer token
Token is good for any draft beer, root beer, or ginger ale!  

Free beer for a raft trip purchase! Pretty amazing. We love our partnership with Highlander Brewery and can’t wait to see you all out there!

Don’t forget: We offer a free shuttle all summer from the brewery as well. 

Free River Shuttle Information:

Event is 5-8pm

Fishing Trips Missoula: 2 Day Angler Adventure

Two Day Missoula Angler Adventure Deal (March – Nov.)

Two day Price: $1000 for 1 to 2 anglers

The Missoula Angler Adventure Deal features two full days of fly or spin fishing on the Clark Fork River and choice of Blackfoot or Bitterroot River for day two.

What’s Included: Each day includes a private guide, fishing gear; this includes flies, rods, poles, tackle, and waders depending on guide and trip choice. We pack life jackets, soft drinks, water, mid day riverside lunch, boat or raft depending on river section, and transportation can be arranged in advance for pick up. Our trips combine fishing from boat (majority of the time) and shore (as desired). We have room for one to two people. During the booking process, some trips allow a 3rd boat rider (youth or non fishing participant riders). We provide wetsuits and water shoes for whitewater combo fishing trips as needed for comfort. Whitewater stretches can be made during booking as a $75 upgrade.

What to Bring: Pack sunglasses, a hat/visor, quick dry clothing, strapped sandals or water shoes, Montana fishing licenses, sunscreen, sunwear, layered clothing for spring and fall, and a swimsuit if you’d like to take a dip to cool off.

River Choices:

*Read more about your river choices or leave the choice up to us and your guide. They track hatches and the fishing successes to make sure to get you out on the choice river for the time you are visiting.

The largest river by volume in Montana, the Clark Fork River drains an extensive region of the Rocky Mountains in western Montana and Northern Idaho. It is gorgeous, huge, and as far as fishing trips Missoula, our favorite river by far…. which is why it is included in this fishing adventure by default.

The Blackfoot River is a fast, cold river with many deep spots, making it prime habitat for several varieties of trout. It is one of the most famous stretches of water in the world and was featured in A River Runs Through It.

The Bitterroot River is gorgeous with it’s vast wide views and is an amazing fishery with views of the Bitterroot Mountains on it’s west side.

This two day angler adventure is one of the best options for fishing trips Missoula. We provide a wonderful lunch and a private guide all to your own which allows you to take in all the information on the Missoula valley and experience our stories and river knowledge from our expert guides.

At Adventure Missoula we recognize that every angler has individual needs. We plan each fly fishing trip Missoula with the individual customer in mind and do our best to match up the perfect fly fishing guide or spin fishing for you and your group.

Your two day trips will include a shore lunch, non-alcoholic beverages, shuttle and transportation. Licenses and gratuity are not included.

“Come as you are” always works on float trips. Our guides will have what you need for a pleasant day on the water for your fishing trips Missoula! To be more comfortable, bring your own rain gear, sunglasses (required), hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and footwear that might get wet getting in and out of the boat.

We will pick you up and you take care of licenses. Then its off to the river~

Your guide will launch your boat and rig you up for the morning fishing. Boats are arranged for two anglers, one in front of the guide and one behind. Never float fished before? Learning to move down river casting at the correct angles , mending, and setting the hook will come quickly as your guide assists. A riverside lunch provides a nice time to take in the surroundings and give your arm a break. Back in the boat for the afternoon fishing to the take out where the truck and trailer awaits for your return to the shop. Typical full days are 8 hours, but vary according to your needs. 

Call us to book your fishing trips Missoula or speak with us: 406-813-0595. 

View all fly fishing and spin fishing trips here:

Valentines Day Adventures

Unique experience gifts; Valentines Day Adventures! We got you covered lovers. Valentine’s Day often means showering your beau with roses and chocolates and candlelit dinners. Romantic, yes, but a little cliche. One of the best parts of having a significant other is experiencing life’s adventures together…so why not try something new during this ‘hallmark’ time of year? Shake things up with our one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gift ideas!

Adventure Missoula Gift Specials

Who doesn’t like to be excited about something planned on the horizon? We offer the following three Valentines Day Adventures for our seekers of something different this February.

Adventure Missoula Fishing Trip

It’s no secret that these days, we’re not quite as interested in accumulating “things” as we were in the past. And while that’s often considered a millennial trend, everyone is jumping on board and Valentines Day adventures as a gift, might just be the best Valentines Day gift idea for 2020.

Give us a call for 15% OFF with a personalized gift certificate for whitewater rafting, fishing trips, or a combination trip this spring! Good now through February 14th!


“It’s possible that we are in a post-materialistic world where we have enough stuff, and now people are focusing more on acquiring experiences.”

-Ohio State University professor Joseph K. Goodman

Of course expensive traveling to magical destinations isn’t the only way to share a unique experience with your significant other this Valentine’s Day! Depending on your interests and what’s in your area, Adventure Missoula may just offer what you are looking for and with world class accommodations and trips located right here in Western Montana.

We work with four great hotels in Missoula to offer our customers transportation to the rivers and two of them feature package deals. We like them because of their convenient locations, great staff, and award winning accommodations: Missoula Doubletree Hilton, Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown, the Mercantile, and Comfort Inn.

Romantic getaways allow you a break from the rat race, to snuggle up in a cozy room that’s situated near nature. It makes sense since it sounds like the setting to virtually any good romance novel.

What can you and your partner benefit from a shared experience this Valentine’s Day? Most of us have accumulated so much stuff in our lives, much of which we barely use, that deciding to have experiences together is really more fun, more meaningful. It is also worth the cost and trouble to organize, because it’s a way to show the person you love that you’ve been thinking about what will make them happy not just on one day, but for many days or a day again soon to come. We are one of the few outfitters that can tailor our trips to our guests and can get you out on a private trip of your own as well. Happy hunting this year for your next Valentines Day adventures.

Valentines Day Adventures

8 New Year Resolutions for Your Adventurous Life

Some may say that New Year resolutions are silly, but they are tradition for a reason. The New Year brings closure to the past and is an exciting time to set new goals and intentions for your family and yourself. On your list should be a few small ones and perhaps one or two more ambitious ones. Here are 8 New Year resolutions to be your best badass self in 2020.

  1. Smile at everyone. There is a reason you feel fabulous after a good hike. Everyone is smiling, you’re reaping the benefits of tree bathing, and most everyone says hello, or yo, or some sort of greeting with a smile. Extend this to the rest of your days and wallah! Pure joy. For you and others.
  2. Speak Up about Leave No Trace. The land is in peril. We can all do our part to keep it beautiful for others and still enjoy the resources, environment, and places we enjoy. Be brave when you see someone trashing the earth or simply throwing their banana peel into the woods after a quick snack break on an adventure. Leave No Trace!
  3. Visit one new place. Sit down with friends and family and ask them where they have been last year and why they liked it. You might be surprised with what you hear. Write it down. Make this a bucket list and put it on your fridge! Add it to your calendar and make it happen. Visiting a new place is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, even if it isn’t very far away. Inquiry perk: You’ll learn things about your friends you never knew at the same time.
  4. Volunteer one day of work. Nonprofits, adopt a highway, churches, and outdoor groups need your help. Time is a valuable resource that is often needed the most. Devote one day this year to helping out. Not only will they benefit, but they’ll get some good PR with your facebook and social media posts and you’ll keep that feel good attitude for weeks!
  5. Try a New Outdoor Activity. Resolve to spend more time outdoors. Your serotonin levels will thank you and getting a good dose of Vitamin D helps! Peruse your local outdoor groups and join an outing or experience for little to no cost. You could meet your new best friend or discover something you didn’t know you had in you. Whitewater Rafting, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, and more await your senses. It also naturally helps your libido and attitude.
  6. Bring a Trash Bag on EVERY hike or adventure. Our six year old and youngest adventure buff always stuffs one in his bag. Trash is everywhere and it makes an exponential difference. You’d be surprised how fast this tradition spreads on the hiking trails in the Northwest. Joy and kindness spreads faster than Santa at lightning speed. Reuse those grocery bags!
  7. Buy a BEAUTIFUL REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE. Plastic bottles are everywhere, even being made into artworks and homes these days. Buy everyone you know and yourself a spectacular one you love using, cover it with stickers, whatever you need to do, but save the plastic for something other than your water intake. This is probably our favorite New Year Resolution.
  8. Have fun with a NEW MICROADVENTURE. Here at our adventure company, we specialize in microadventures. Otherwise known as day trips, weekend warriors, or the short and sweet after work outing, microadventures make everyone a badass. It’s simple. Pop a few bucks in a jar and keep the change and dollars rolling or devote one day a week or one day every two weeks to exploring your surroundings as a hot New Year Resolution ~ It doesn’t have to be far. You’d be surprised what you might be overlooking in the few hours circumference around your own home. Not only is it easy, but is an amazing boost to your year.

There you have it. From all of us here in the adventure office, we wish you joy and exciting times ahead. Adventure on with these 8 New Year Resolutions that we hope you love and come back to year after year. @AdventureMsla #outdoornewyearresolutions #newyearsresolutionsforeveryone #adventuremsla

Missoula Marathon Events

The Missoula Marathon is a not to miss event during the summer. It features a marathon, half marathon, a 5K, and kids one mile fun run. There are lots of other small events within this weekend adventure in Missoula!

June 26-28, 2020

We are happy to host this partner deal in our partnership with Destination Missoula. Adventure Missoula offers 25% off the week of the event for our rafting and fishing trips. Feel free to book online and please use code: RUNMSLA when booking to utilize this discount for runners and their families!

Looking for more information?

Whitewater /Scenic Rafting

Fishing Trips

Find more information about this fabulous event: Missoula Marathon

The event is the brainchild of a group of local, dedicated members of Run Wild Missoula who want to share the area’s beauty and Missoula’s unique feel with runners from all over.

The run is one of our community’s most beloved and supported events.


The Missoula Marathon has been named as the Best Marathon In The U.S. on several occasions – in 2010 by the readers of Runner’s World Magazine and in 2017 and 2018 by The BibRave 100. Runner’s World has also named the Missoula Marathon as a Top Marathon For Back-Of-The-Packers (2017) and a Top 10 Bucket List Marathon (2018 and 2019)