Things To Do

There are some really fun things to do in the Missoula area if you know what to look for and where to be when. For example, one should definitely go to one of the following for Breakfast:

The Old Post

Bagels on Broadway

Then, if you have kids you should definitely go to Dragon Hallow in the morning before it gets busy or the slides and park gets hot.

We recommend walking over to Mobash Skatepark with a latte and watching the skaters and people watching after picking up some flowers from the Saturday Markets or grabbing a pastry at Bernices Bakery.

Then, you should grab lunch to go at the Good Food Store and then Hike the M hill and eat it at the top while taking great pictures and marveling at the striations on the hillsides from Glacial Missoula.

In the afternoon, when it gets hot, drive out to our shop and go rafting! Adventure Missoula needs a heads up because we only employ local guides and a handful of them to work. We are the areas local ma and pa fishing and rafting headquarters, so it doesn’t matter what you prefer, you know your going to get the best service and quality people by calling us…preferably a day or two in advance if not more if you are on a schedule.

Montana’s premier whitewater location is the Alberton Gorge, located just minutes from Missoula on the Clark Fork River. The Gorge is a beautiful steep-walled canyon section of the Clark Fork that makes for a perfect hot summer day trip. With class II and III whitewater this is a great trip for beginners and experts alike with lots of splash and plenty of swimming opportunities. The best time of year to raft the river is late June through early August. Plan a trip with us and take the whole family on a trip that will be remembered forever.

A favorite of locals, Alberton Gorge is just 46 miles west of Missoula on the Clark Fork River.  This Class III whitewater run is high adventure, with five rollicking rapids.  It winds its way through thick forests and cool rock formations and has plenty of sandy beaches perfect for lunch or just kicking back.  Be on the lookout for bald eagles and osprey.  We offer both half- and full-day adventures on the Gorge.

The local music scene is incredible. End your night walking around town and looking in the local newspaper: Missoula Independent for that night’s activities.

The next day: Consider booking a fishing trip with us and drinking a bloody mary in the morning after your big night out listening to music and getting caught up in the frenzie of Missoula’s night life.

We’ll get you on big fish and remind you to slow down and enjoy your life, as it ought to be enjoyed…listening to the world around you and taking it all in on this journey on another rotation around the sun.


Paddle Boarding Lake Coeur d’Alene

paddle boarding Lake Coeur d'Alene

A rad way to enjoy nature, paddle boarding Lake Coeur d’Alene is a crowd favorite for summertime activities. Get out and soak up the sun, while also getting a workout. Staying balanced on your board is great for your core muscles. Haven’t tried it before? No worries, get into the groove by kneeling on the board before trying to stand.

A few popular destinations on the lake are Tubbs hill and the Spokane River. Lined with trees and jumpable cliffs, Tubbs hill is a beautiful way to spend a day exploring. You can even find some caves if you keep a sharp eye out. The Spokane River is slightly calmer water than the lake on most days. There’s a cool channel behind the Blackwell boat launch where various birds and ducks like to hang out, some might even follow you if your lucky.

We’ve got enough rental boards for the whole family. We will get you suited with the right gear, loaded up in our van, and down to the water! We drop off at the N.I.C beach, and your free to paddle wherever you’d like. Two hour rentals are now available as well for $20. Call us and book your rentals! 

paddle boarding Lake Coeur d'Alene


Coeur d’Alene Lake Kayaking


kayaking Lake Coeur d'Alene


Kayaking Lake Coeur d’Alene is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the beauty of Northern Idaho, although it’s hard to pinpoint what we enjoy the most up here. Being level with the slight waves, and paddling along with your own two arms(or one, or none, or pedal yaking) helps you to remember how connected to nature we really are. The options are endless on our great big lake. Hug the shoreline, zip across open water, paddle to Tubbs hill and cliff jump, head down the Spokane River, or find a brand new way to yak! 

Even on a rainy day there are incredible experiences to be had kayaking Lake Coeur d’Alene. Have you ever heard the way raindrops hit the water as your sitting still in the middle of a lake? The light tapping noise mixed with the visuals of little drops jumping as they reach the water will have you wide eyed, smiling with child-like wonder. 

Don’t have your own kayak, or one to borrow? No worries! We can hook you up with some awesome rentals. Our guys make getting down to the water a breeze. You simply meet us near downtown, we load you up, and down to the North shore we go. We make it our business to get you out of the house, office, or shop, and into the wild. 


kayaking Lake Coeur d'Alene

Spokane River Trip

Spokane Whitewater rafting trips
                       The Bowl and Pitcher

Looking for adventure in Spokane without the time to drive over to Montana? No worries! Spokane whitewater rafting trips are a fun way for friends and family to get out and enjoy the water.

The Spokane River is a fairly mellow river, filled with mainly class II rapids. The stretch of river that we raft in Spokane has a few flat water spots, perfect places to jump out and swim. This being said, Spokane whitewater rafting trips are the way to go for the laid back rafter.

You’ll begin the day down on Water Street in Peaceful Valley, right below the Spokane Falls. The river will float you past indigenous trees, through bubbling rapids, and even under an abandoned water bridge.
One of the flat sections of the river is a big eddy next to an enormous cliff swallow colony. It is both peaceful, and captivating to watch the little birds swoop in and around their cliff side homes.

The two most exciting rapids; bowl and pitcher, and devil’s toenail, come back to back towards the ends of the trip in Riverside State Park. The bowl and pitcher has a walking bridge over part of the rapid where hikers will likely stop to cheer you on from above. An awesome way to finish your day on the water!

Shadow Falls Hike


North Idaho Waterfall Hike
                        Shadow Falls, Idaho

Have you been on the hunt for waterfalls? Shadow Falls is on an easily accessible trail near Wallace, Idaho. Settled in the center of the Coeur d’Alene River area, this mellow hike leads you through the beauty of North Idaho. The area homes many winged creatures, such as Pygmy Nuthatches, Pileated Woodpeckers, and Warblers. Trail #513 is a bird watchers paradise. 

Kill two birds with one stone (I couldn’t resist) and enjoy the wildlife on your way to a waterfall! Although it’s possible to find a longer, more strenuous North Idaho waterfall hike, Shadow Falls is a quick and easy jaunt to add on to an adventure packed day.