Fishing Missoula Montana

This week we went Fishing Missoula Montana and are reviewing Fish Creek. This fabulous watershed is clean, beautiful, and generally untouched by many anglers in our area. One of the reasons it is one of our favorites is it’s proximity to our rafting and fishing shop at the Cyr Recreation Area. It literally takes us about 15 minutes to get here.


Fish Creek State Park provides a large landscape State Park in western Montana with a diverse array of recreational opportunities such as hiking, mountain biking, angling, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, motorized use on open roads, and hunting. From the lookout atop Williams Peak to the crystal clear blue pools of Fish Creek, this 5,603-acre state park is full of wildlife, beautiful scenery and places to explore.

IMG_20160713_084809 IMG_20160713_084905 IMG_20160712_111110 IMG_20160712_104656 IMG_20160711_195836 FishCreek_Scenic_MarenMurphy_IMG_6636

One great thing about wade fishing Fish Creek is that it isn’t polluted, or is not slippery. The oldest pine tree in Montana is located here and the shorelines are wide to walk on so you are not ruining the etymology of the river: bugs, animals, and food for fish and other animals. Also, the ease of access allows you to take a little person with you (seen here). Fishing Missoula Montana is amazing. Don’t miss Fish Creek and remember to pack in and pack out because although we are sharing our favorite spot with you, we don’t want you to leave your trace.

How to get there:

Off I90 take Fish Creek Exit 66. Right on Lower Fish Creek Road. Left on Rivulet Rd (FS 343).

Fish Creek will be on your right all the way 10 miles to the top. At mile marker 4.4 Big Pine Fishing Access has 4 established campsites. All the others require rugged life.

Enjoy the tip and Fishing Missoula Montana!!!

Thompson River Never Ceases to Amaze

Thompson River Report: Salmonfly Hatch 2016

The infamous Montana Salmon fly hatch is out on the Thompson and the water is running clear. The river was raging with Brown Trout last weekend and it was not to miss. Salmon-Fly-Hatch

The Thompson River originates in Upper Thompson Lake and flows generally south to join Clark Fork near the cute town of Thompson Falls. A beautiful two-hour drive along the CDA River and then over the Thompson Pass is one of our favorites if you are spring fishing. As soon as the pass opens, we’re there.

The water levels are low right now and Jared and I packed along a chainsaw just in case we needed it and we certainly did after navigating two barely passable logs. We were able to chainsaw the third and enjoy the second half of our trek down this gorgeous river, Salmon Flies abound. This big 3″ bug hatches right after the river runoff ends and clear water emerges…along with the Forsythe’s.

IMG_20160515_102650 IMG_20160515_111749 IMG_20160515_115707 IMG_20160515_115848 IMG_20160515_120308 IMG_20160515_140744 IMG_20160515_140938

One thing in particular that Jared and I love about this river is its ease of access. Navigating this river can only be done for a two week period and it has beautiful pull offs to throw a rod a for a little while and then hop back in the truck all while wearing flip flops. No waders necessary on this little gem. It’s so clear they’d see you standing there – best to either go by boat or stand on the edge and sneak your attack by combing the river while eating some chips!

We had our fill and I personally caught a magnificent 15″ Brown Bubba on my fancy four weight.

Here is a tip: Lewis the humongous Moose lives about half way upriver. A sighting is usually daily. Stay at Clark Memorial Campground which is above the Copper King Campground where the rest of the herd that is addicted to the Thompson stays. Clark Memorial has only three sites and you can sleep to the sound of the river and not a generator.

As of this report, the Clark Fork is still running muddy and the hatch will soon emerge there for perhaps the first time in 8 years for fishermen and women. The hatch is usually clouded by the runoff, but this year there may just be a chance due to timing and to water levels to fuel an amazing situation there in the next week or so for clear water fishing with the salmonfly. IMG_20160514_083914 IMG_20160514_083919 IMG_20160514_175955 IMG_20160514_181907 IMG_20160514_181922












The Thompson will always remain my favorite river. It just feels like home and always will. Perhaps it’s where a love story started on both levels. We all have those moments. This place just happened to be mine.

Float the Coeur d’Alene River


Coeur dAlene River Float Trip
The Coeur d’Alene River – How do you pronounce that again?
The Coeur d’Alene River flows 37 miles into Lake CDA and then out as the Spokane River. Not only is this a great way to spend a half day in the CDA/Spokane area, but it’s tremendously beautiful. Picture a lazy river, warm breezes, and a total release of all your cares. It’s close to town and great for families with young children because there are no rapids above a class II. Last time I went down I remember being astonished as I oared my boat past a moose and a blue heron followed us, intrigued maybe, for a ¼ of a mile or so. This crystal spring fed water houses the infamous Westslope Black Tail Cutthroat Trout year-round and is native only to the CDA River. The river also houses Chinook Salmon in the fall; a marvelous sight with their supremacy and magnitude for a river this size. Book your trip. Float with your family. Whether taking in the view or tossing in a line to catch a fish, the Coeur dAlene river float trip is not to miss.
-Sara Forsythe


Fly Fishing Missoula

Look out Missoula, We have two new offerings this year for Fly Fishing Missoula!!!!! Check them out below!Jared Forsythe

40 years of guiding experience under our belts has given us a reputation as the most knowledgeable guides for fly fishing in Montana (Jared Forsythe, Outfitter #10749).

We track the river flows, follow the hatches, and understand how the wild and unpredictable weather affects our rivers and streams. We pride ourselves on being true Western Montana natives.


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Montana Rafting Summer

Montana rafting summer 2016 started last month, the reservations started in February for this upcoming Montana rafting summer.  The picture below was taken of Triple bridges a few weeks ago.

Triple Bridge Rapids, Montana Summer rafting We are really excited about the up coming white water rafting season for a couple of reasons.  The snow pack is healthy this year at 92%.  Last year the snow pack was really low, but we still had a great year.  That is the great thing about the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River. No matter how low the water, there are always Montana rafting in the summer!!  Below is a picture of snow on the Montana and Idaho border, lots of snow with two more months to add to the snowpack!

Montana snowpack looking good!

We are also excited about our guide line up.  Austin Crisp is returning.  He has guided for Western Waters for four years.  Also guides on the Grand Canyon during the spring season.  He is full of experience and fun, we call him Captain America!