Winter Whitewater River Rafting


Chilly Winter Whitewater Rafting
                            Rafting in Winter

Every so often, we will get a call about going chilly winter whitewater rafting on the Clark Fork River. Rafting is one of those sports that is plenty extreme on its own. But rafting in the cold, unforgiving winter? We think this photo looks a little like what Adventure Missoula style might be this time of year. The mountains are where you are more likely to find us during the snowy months. 

We do tend to book quite a few trips during the winter for warmer months. Rafting and fishing trips are awesome presents, booking these during the winter leave us daydreaming about the river. Luckily, spring time always seems to come quickly. It is never too early to plan your dream trip for the upcoming summer, call us all winter long!

Labor Day Family Activities

Need Labor Day family activities? Look no further then a raft trip down the Clark Fork River. Labor day originally took notice to the economic and social contributions of our nations workers. Now, it’s a symbolic day marking the end of summer, start of school, and massive retail sales. Take back what commercialism has done to this day and celebrate with your family on a wet and wild float down the Albertan Gorge. You have worked hard for your family, now take a moment to enjoy them. The air and water are still warm, waves are still splashing, and the family hasn’t started running around with school and practice schedules dictating their precious free time. Give us a call today, or book a trip online. Squeeze out that last drop of summer.

Support the Clark Fork Coalition

Founded in 1985, the Clark Fork Coalition is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Clark Fork River basin, a 22,000-square-mile area draining western Montana and northern Idaho. They have over a 27-year-long record of substantial achievements improving the health of the watershed.

We are supporting the Clark Fork Coalition by donation 5% of the proceeds from raft trips this summer to them. Type in clarkforkc when booking this summer to donate a portion of your raft trip to them!
Every lake, river, and stream is only as healthy as its origins. For the Clark Fork, those origins are everywhere – contained in a 14 million-acre tapestry of forests, mountains, meadows, cities, towns and ranches spanning most of western Montana. Every inch of this vast watershed impacts the aquatic lifelines that flow through it, and the human and natural communities they sustain. In 2012, they worked hard to keep our waters running cold and clean and added millions of gallons of water in key tributaries through irrigation upgrades and water storage projects!

family activities in Missoula Montana

If your looking for some family activities in Missoula Montana consider white water rafting the Clark Fork rivers’s Alberton Gorge, located  only 40 minutes or about 35 miles away from Missoula.The 12 mile run consists of class two to three white water that is fun for ages 5 through 65. A full day trip will consist of a relaxed pace through the canyon with cliff jumping, swimming, lunch, peacefulness, and nature viewing. If your a bit tight for time the half day trip takes 3.5-4 hours and offers the same section of water but at a expedited pace with out lunch and side stops. The rafting trip offers stunning canyon views, river otters, beavers, Bald Eagles, Osperey, ducks, and plenty excitement. Its August now, dead of the Summer. Why not go cool down in the river for a day? The water is 70 degrees and the sunshine plentiful. Hope to see you out there enjoying one of Missoula’s river gems.


A Maps view of the put in at Cyr, to the take out at Tarkio.
A view of mile 4 around the cliffs of Sandy beach’s

White water rafting in Missoula

Preparing to launch the raft!

The June weather has kick started our rafting season with a big splash.  Our white water guide Rich is taking a family of four down the Alberton Gorge this morning for a 9a.m. departure.  The Wednesday evening Western Waters is hosting a market mixer with destination Missoula at the Holiday Inn Downtown.  We will be floating from east Missoula down to the hotel and serving appetizers and wine!  Then this weekend we have a group of 16 ladies that we are taking down the 11 mile section of the Alberton Gorge for a full day of rafting!  We are also receiving lots of calls from Ironman participants for this upcoming week in the Couer d’Alene area.