Whitewater Rafting Missoula

Why Us?
We get asked this a lot.


People call and they want to know! Here is what we tell them: Our TOP 10 REASONS TO GO WITH US…..

We are constantly told we have the best lunches on the river. The ingredients, the handmadeness….all within 15 miles of the raft shop.

We include fresh garden grown produce and our famous pickled green beans to make your delicious river adventure unforgettable. Owners Jared and Sara picked 79 cans this year…….some good stories out of that adventure.

Whitewater rafting Missoula and the Alberton Gorge Clark Fork River couldn’t be better when you are in small boats, (high end sport rafts) not large ones crowded with tons of people high on groupon deals.

Our customers come back because we hire great personalities, local river kids that know the area, and staff that are passionate about what they do. We pay them what they deserve. Some of them have been with us for almost a decade before. Believe us, no one is in the rafting business for the money.

Adventures with Western Waters was the very first rafting company; started in 1976.

Our company is owned by locals Jared and Sara Forsythe. Jared has been guiding and fishing in the area since he was 22. Sara is local celebrity who started the art center in Missoula. It’s a family affair and has been in the Forsythe name for 14 years now.

Our shop is right at the put in for the trip. This means you don’t have to ride in a bus with a bunch of crazy people.

When you call us, you reach us; either the people who are taking you down the river, or the owners. 🙂

We have solar panels on our shop.

We run a bio-diesel bus – Surfer Steve!

So, Whitewater Rafting Missoula now. With us. Before you get carpal tunnel and loose it sitting in traffic when you could be floating down the river. You won’t regret it.

We are the area’s local ma and pa rafting company.We employ local guides to make your trip authentic.

Providing good times…..with a sense of responsibility which we take to heart. There have been many times we are not going down the river when the other companies are. We are safe, fun, well-trained and small.