Whitewater Guide Employment

Whitewater guide employment is an important consideration professionally and personally. It is an opportunity for gaining personal skills in the outdoors that is useful for the rest of your life.

Job Summary:

Serve as a whitewater rafting guide on both paddle and oar framed rafts. Guides will run full-day and half-day river trips on the Clark Fork River (35 min outside Missoula) and possibly other rivers surrounding Missoula, MT. Guides’ primary responsibility is to deal directly with our guests and seek to provide the best possible guest vacation experience. Guides are part of a summer bustling company that emphasizes quality service, teamwork, and fun working environment. Please review our company by researching us on our site: www.adventuremissoula.com

Guide Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Run full-day and half-day whitewater and scenic trips on the roaring Clark Fork River. Captain both paddle and oar boats.
  • Maintain a good sense of humor and cooperative attitude when dealing with both co-workers and guests.
  • Communicate well with lead guide, owners, and co-workers.
  • Learn about natural environment and history of area and share the knowledge with guests.
  • Carry out pre and post trip duties 
  • Pack coolers and food for trips, serve food to guests on full day trips

Performance Standards:

Employees are evaluated on thoroughness in performing duties at the beginning of their whitewater guide employment. They must be pleasant in nature with a good attitude; dependability is huge. Guides need to have punctuality, personal initiative, flexibility, mature judgment, willingness to learn, and ability to be a team player. *Guides must be able to navigate whitewater with good communication with guests; training is available and will be provided for all employees. Guides must be able to flip a raft and pull themselves back into the boat. Active CPR/First Aid is required.


Whitewater guides must be at least 18 years old. Must be willing to travel and work on all of the river sections offered by Adventure Missoula for the summer and must have a way of communication when away from the office (cell phone). Must have a professional attitude and be willing to learn and accept new ideas. Must be able to work long hours and not be subject to burnout and moodiness. Must work well under pressure and be a team player. Guides must purchase various gear such as a type III (minimum) lifejacket, a knife, whistle, cold weather gear if desired (wetsuit or equivalent), a throw bag, dry bag, and personal cam-straps (purchases may be made through pro deals.

Benefits of working for us:

  • You will get to enjoy the outdoors EVERY DAY you work.
  • You can work on at least three different stretches of the river and opportunity to work outdoors.
  • You will have the opportunity to take advantage of all of Adventure Missoula’s  pro deals.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet great people from faraway places.
  • The opportunity to work for a small integrated company with room to grow and develop into other roles
  • The opportunity to go rafting everyday
  • Pay is dependent on experience plus customer tips

*Training is available

Applicants email resume, application, cover letter, and 3 references to: Sara Forsythe, adventuremissoula@gmail.com

View more information at: www.adventuremissoula.com