Women’s Fly Fishing Workshop: Beginners

Women’s fly fishing has been a growing trend in the past decade and we are so happy to have more of you out on the water!

Adventure Missoula offers a a day long beginning women’s fly fishing class each spring. Come spend a day learning the essential basics of fly fishing taught by an experienced teacher. This class will start at square one in a noncompetitive small group environment taking the angler through knot tying, selecting proper equipment and flies, learning the tackle, casting methods, landing and releasing fish and where and how to go fishing. Our instructor will focus on helping each student reach becoming a confident independent angler by the end of the class or the basics to peruse more study independently.

Beginning Women’s Fly Fishing meets at 9:00 and ends around 5:00pm. The first part of the day will be in a classroom with the afternoon being held waterside to discuss fishing etiquette, safety and casting practice. Equipment can be provided by Adventure Missoula; however you are encouraged to use your own if you have it. Read more about dates/times/details here:

Women’s Fly Fishing Day Class Information

We are currently taking registrations for our spring class (info above).

If you would like additional information, email us at: adventuremissoula@gmail.com.

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