Season Hours

Adventure Missoula’s season and hours are March through October, weather permitting.

Adventure Missoula is operated by two high school teachers and a staff of 10 people each season.

Our staff and guides check our messages periodically during the off season. We still accommodate activities during the week and on weekends weather permitting until mother nature says no more.

Off Season? Please leave us a message by calling us or email us to discuss rafting, fishing trips, or other adventures for the upcoming season! We will return calls and emails as soon as we can. Happy Adventuring!

General Season Hours: May through September, 7 days a week

March/April Early Season Fishing and Early Season Rafting, weather permitting, Part time office phones and reservations

May – Early June: All Fishing, Horseback Riding, Blackfoot River Adventures, Part time office

June – August All Activities 8am-6pm, Office and Reservations full time

September/October: Fishing Trips, Horseback Riding, Rafting, Part time office phones and reservations

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Adventure Missoula offers world class outdoor recreation adventures for families, groups, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. We offer fly fishing, spin fishing and combination fish and rafting experiences. We service whitewater and scenic rafting trips on five different rivers and host private authentic horseback riding trips, meeting on a trailhead just outside of Missoula.

This year, we are celebrating our 45th year guiding tours and activities in Western Montana! We are an eco-conscious local outdoor tour company. Adventure Missoula and its sister company Coeur d’Alene Adventures, is owned by two high school teachers. We provide online reservations, source locally homemade lunches, and utilize solar panels to power our activities and staff.