Corporate/Group Booking

Corporate/group booking available with Adventure Missoula


Our reservation system allows groups to use a reservation code to obtain a discount and allow members of a group to pay for their adventures and trips separately. We would love to help take the ease off your group planning and have you go with us for your corporate/group booking.

We offer:

15% discount for groups of 8 or more for rafting

20% off for youth group rafting

We are happy to tailor a trip and build a custom price for your group as well.

A large group for our company constitutes 8-70 people.

We need two weeks notice for large group cancellations. Please see our full cancellation policy here

Two major things for a large group that we believe sets us apart from our competition is our small sport boats (6 person rafts) and our location – which is right at the river put-in! This saves a group from the hassle of taking a bus ride twice during their rafting trips or fishing adventures.

More about why you might choose us for group recreating click here

We have a great customer check in center to lounge at which features:

A campfire, horseshoe pit, badminton, changing area, beer, soda, and water available to sit back just above the Cyr Recreation and enjoy the view. We have a rooftop garden space (where we grow the veggies for a portion of your lunch) and a parking lot that accommodates up to 25 vehicles.

Email us at or call us at 406-813-0595 to request a code and discount if you are booking a large group for an activity!